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Hey Hunters 👋 This is Milan, maker of Personal Finance Guides. My team and I created the Guides out of our own frustration with personal finance resources today. Start researching any money problem on the web, and you’ll find a ton of advertisements and promoted results. The Personal Finance Guides are ad- and promotion-free, and they cover all aspects of your financial life you need to be on top of. Here are the key features: 💥money guides for people all ages; 💥money management for the current times (frugality & unemployment); 💥debt repayment guides; 💥credit scores and credit reporting; 💥homes and mortgages; 💥cash management & high-yield savings; 💥investing in a simple way. You will need to log in if you’d like to use Finny for a while--we simply need to know you're a legit person if you're asking questions and expect us to answer. Logging in is quick--leverage your Google or Facebook credentials. Who is Finny made for? According to a CNBC study, 75% of Americans claim they’re ‘winging it’ when it comes to managing their own money. And most of us don’t have a professional financial advisor. This product is for anyone living in the United States who’d like some financial guidance in their life, and on-demand answers to their money questions. We’re not a financial advice company--instead we focus on financial education and coaching. Special Product Hunt offer If you’d like to try Finny for free for 7 days, please use this link. Finny costs $8.25 a month (paid annually), roughly the price of two lattes. Thank you for considering Finny! Feel free to comment below and ask me anything.
@mkovacev Very interesting idea and I think people need this product. Just checked the website, but it requires me to login before I can read anything. Anyways to show a snippet, maybe 10% of content outside of login, so people can decide if they want to create an account or not.
@salil_sethi Thanks for checking it out! Yes, logins are required after 10+ searches. Signing in is super quick. You can do so using your Google or Facebook credentials. We require logins because we also answer questions from our user base--and we want real people on Finny.
@mkovacev Interesting. Maybe I messed up, but I couldn't see anything without the request to logging in. Will DM separately.
@salil_sethi Thanks, Salil. DM me privately with any questions, or if you need help getting set up.
@salil_sethi @mkovacev Likewise. It would be nice to see at least a little content before hitting the sign in barrier.
Personal finance guides are really missing in Europe and I see yours are for the US market, when will they be available for the European market?
@szilard_tivadar_veres A good question! Give us some time. We're making solid progress in the States, but it's too early for us to expand internationally just yet.
This is actually brilliant!
@nick_scott1 Thank you Nick! Just trying to document all the stuff we've learned about personal finances over the years (and simplify where needed).
Having worked with many young professionals around personal finances, I can say that Finny's guides are an excellent source of best practices and advice! I especially like the age-specific guides and think they cover the major financial concerns for each age bracket well.
@vineet_prasad Thank you for the compliment, Vineet!