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We've seen the world of password managers but there's SO much more information (i.e. passwords, codes, sizes, medical) that you have to manage, especially across teams and family members. Personal stores it all. Plus with the iPhone app, I have the data wherever I need it.
@thorpus I've used them for a bit and it's pretty easy to use. And I'm not just saying that because I share an office with their DC team.
I'm sure I'm not the only person who saw this and immediately worried about privacy/security of all this sensitive data. According to their security page (, and their white paper, it looks like Personal's product team follows best practices. Given that their data stores are an absolute treasure trove, I hope they are indeed conducting meaningful pentests.
@muldster when I invested I conducted a full NSA-level security review on their practices, and I have invested in several security dependent companies. Their system is the BEST I have seen .... If you lose your master password, your data is irretrievable.
Hey PH, we’ve been working on a privacy-centric cloud for data for several years, but our users really wanted to be able to collaborate and co-manage important info with others at work or home, so we just launched a new collaborative version of the Personal Cloud.    You can now invite others to help you create bundles of data (like Marketing Passwords or Booking Travel or Company Accounts) and help keep it all up to date.    We would really love to hear your thoughts, especially on which use-cases resonate most with you at work or home and are here to answer any questions.   So far, people have been collaborating on shared passwords, travel info (rewards #s, passports, global entry, etc.), payment info (company CC), accounts, alarm codes as well info to share with house guests and renters, baby sitting, and pet sitting services.   There is so much more that can be done so we would love to hear back from you.
Hey PH folks, The one counter-intuitive thing I'd share about our new tools for collaborating on data in the office and home is that it improves both convenience and security at the same time. On the convenience side, once you decide which information you want to co-manage and invite people, everyone can do their part to populate the info and keep it up to date. You don't have to try to manage a copy of everything yourself any longer. Something as simple as changing a password, credit card number or wi-fi code is instantly updated for everyone else who has access (there are granular permissions). For admins, office managers or anyone else directly responsible for this kind of information management for teams and offices, the workload can be cut significantly. On the privacy and security side, in addition to everything we do to encrypt and protect your data, you no longer have to compromise yourself by sending emails or messages with sensitive data. Collaborators are invited through the system and get access to a single copy of the data, and you can use "secure links" when you want to include info on other platforms (e.g. Slack, Trello, JIRA, Skype, Google docs, email, etc.). You can also share info as "view only" with interns, contractors, temps, Airbnb guests, etc., and revoke whenever you choose. Because you can easily change info if someone leaves, it is much easier to follow proper security practices (yes, like changing passwords and alarm codes...). You can see a single use case for Airbnb hosts at: Can't wait to see what everyone thinks!
Thanks for diving in, Dave. We also have certified ethical hackers and pen testers on staff.
Full disclosure, I’m an investor in Personal, but I think their work is VERY important for both productivity and security. I looked at every solution out there before I invested, and found that all of the cloud-based solutions were oriented around unstructured data, like notes, files, messages, tasks, etc., and almost none were built from the ground up with privacy by design. The solutions that actually support structured, computable data were either for data scientists, or were limited to just passwords — and none were designed for offices and collaboration. My office, family and I depend on Personal and I would encourage you to give it a try to get your team on the same page with all the info you constantly need.