A new personal publishing platform from the makers of Cargo

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Took me a few minutes to figure out how to 'get started', maybe make that a little clearer?
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@kamilszybalski I totally agree. I'm actually still trying to sign up ... :/
@benjamineevans @kamilszybalski Click "Sample Persona Styles" and select a template... or style.
@kamilszybalski Interesting - I first viewed persona on mobile, and after clicking "sample persona styles" there is no way to sign up. Now that i'm at my desktop the sign up buttons are clearly present at the base of the page. That's a serious usability issue for mobile visitors. Also, thanks!
This looks like a gorgeous take on the concept — much higher design aesthetic and with advanced typography styles.
@livejamie @chrismessina Flavors is dead in the water for a long time.
@chrismessina Whoa... I haven't seen that effect before! Glad I'm sober!
Really like what you guys did, and thank you for the HTML and CSS support! One question though: will this set of features become paid in the future? (Asking because my account says "upgraded account courtesy of Persona")
Just took me a few minutes to create my awesome persona! Start by clicking "Sample Persona Styles".