Generates the most persuasive language for communications

Sounds super cool in theory. But after a visit to their website, I still don't understand exactly what they do nor do I have any appreciation of the cost proposition. And I couldn't seem to find any samples of their work or even much of a narrative description. So I find myself torn. Super cool? Or extraordinarily well-funded company that may or may not deliver the goods?
@estatemanjoe LOL "We call this Persuasion Automation." Or why not just call it "effective writing"?
"Co-founder and CEO Alex Vratskides told me that the automated approach allows marketers to try out many more versions of a message than they’d get with regular A/B testing (where human copywriters still generate the messages themselves). And since the technology has “no preconceived notion” of what the right approach is, it will create variants that a human might never even think of." Crazy.
@nikkielizdemere I think you're a bot.