Repost pictures and videos without copyright infringements

Permisto allows you to automatically setup contracts between you and content creators so that you can enjoy sharing a picture or video in a completely legal way on your social network. Never worry about copyright infringements ever again.
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Hey there, I'm currently writing this message from my favorite cafe in the deepest part of Bavaria in Germany since there is no better time to launch a product than with a calm atmosphere and a great vibe. :) Permisto first looks like a very specific thing, but it actually turns into an awesome problem solver for the majority of us that uses social networks. Have you ever wanted to share a picture on, for example, Instagram without worrying about copyright infringements? It mostly is a back and forth in asking for permissions and in the end, you don't even know anymore where you wrote the comment or what were the requirements of posting it. With Permisto, you never have to worry about this kind of issues. On our service allows content-creators to make certain or all of his pictures available for reposting. This means, that other users can get permission for these pictures with a single click, which automatically creates a contract between both of the parties. You will always have an overview of all your contracts, as well as about the requirements so that you can easily repost with a single click. In other words: Be always legal :) Who is this service for? This service is for publishers that want to repost or share copyright-sensitive content and for content creators who want to make their content available for reposting and sharing (free and paid). What problems does it solve and how? 1. Never go back and forth while waiting to get a repost or share permission - When a content creator makes a picture available for everyone, you can grant access to it with a single click. When that's done, a contract between you and the content creator is automatically created and you can repost the picture completely legal. 2. Save time - Through our automated contracts, asking for permission takes less than a second instead of hours or days. 3. Stay legal - The automated contract lets you use the picture or video in a completely legal way. 4. Simple overview - Know which contracts you made with which creator. We display everything within a list so that you can keep track easily about every single permission you have. 5. Earn money - As a content creator, you will be able to charge a fee for your permission. This enables you to easily makes sales within minutes without setting up a complex or not reliable payment system and the process by yourself In case you have any questions, feel free to ask at any time! :)
Great service buddy, Can't wait to see how it goes! :) (Hope you'll invite me for a beta as well! :D
Great idea! Do you offer that as an app as well? I'm curious how you want to provide the pictures for reposting. Do I need to download an external app for that?
@daripavlickova He there, thanks a lot for your message! Yes, we will also offer an app later on. Also, we offer the pictures as downloads after a contract was created so that you can instantly use them. :)