The app that pays you to play

Perksy is a next-gen, DIY consumer insights platform that powers real-time research with Millennials and Gen-Z through an immersive mobile app that rewards them for answering your questions.

  • Vincent
    VincentCustomer Acquisition & Sales

    Nice UI/UX, Fun to use, Easy and simple


    Rewards are limited for Canada, Not a lot of surveys (like around 1 per week or less)

    I really enjoy using the app, but since the frequency on which you receive surveys is very low, it's long before you get the chance to redeem a reward. I only redeemed one reward since I downloaded the app around a year ago, and I take every survey that I receive. Maybe this is just for Canadian users?

    Vincent has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Great concept, plenty of perks ;)


    Need more pet brand rewards to spend on my coco

    Perksy allows brands to get the insights they need from targeted (willing) consumers. I think that it is a much better way to use and collect data and use data compared to other methods - looking at you Facebook

    Sean Thomas has used this product for one year.
this is awesome - im totally addicted to the surveys and love that im taking control of what i want to share with brands.
@katie_reiner Thanks, Katie! We're looking forward to bringing more stacks and more perks into the app this year - stay tuned!
Perksy is an app that rewards you for giving your opinions and feedback to brands, by answering a few simple questions every day! They are dedicated to the art of consumer insights and research by building products that give rise to brand growth, improvement and customer satisfaction.
@angeloe Thanks for the hunting!
Its a pleasure @andrewlin1 and looking forward to Perksy's expansion across North America this year 😃
@angeloe Hi Angelo! I'm the founder & CEO of Perksy. Thanks so much for hunting us! We are glad you're liking Perksy and we're looking forward to making it even better!
Thanks @nadiagenmasri1 (and thank you team too) for building and launching this awesome product!
I can vouch for this - have been using it for a few months. Withdrew $25 through Amazon a month ago. Unfortunately, I've seen way lesser invitations after redeeming for the first time. Not sure if a coincidence or.
@prithsr Hope you got yourself a nice holiday present! More stacks are coming, as we are working with more and more brands, so you'll be able to get a few more Amazon cards over the course of 2019!
@prithsr Hi Prithvi! I'm the Founder & CEO of Perksy. Glad you are liking it! We're definitely working on getting more stacks so that you can redeem more perks :) We're excited to make our app bigger and better in 2019! Happy New Year!
@nadiagenmasri1 Found the app on reddit /r/beermoney. Excited to see the consistency of stacks in 2019. Cheers!
Perksy is awesome - congrats on the launch!! 💌
@foolywk Thanks so much, Brandon! We're big fans of Polymail, too! :)
Like most people I absolutely hate responding to surveys, especially the kind that pop up after any purchase I make online. Perksy is very different from that. The surveys are super fun to play and Perksy's incorporation of GIFs and memes make the app experience most similar to IG or Reddit. By the way, you get paid. I'm nearly at enough points for $50 of rewards at Uber, Amazon, Netflix, etc. Stoked to keep getting my stacks and keep cashing out rewards.
@daniel_pov Thanks, Daniel! Keep racking up those points - we've got some exciting perks coming this year... stay tuned!