Perks swapped for design, development & creative resource.

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A project board where perks are swapped for design, development & creative resource.

We use the contra deal model, this is an arrangement where people exchange goods or services with no money changing hands.

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Lee Qixian
Lee Qixian@swiftpolar Β· Full-stack Developer
I think this is a really smart idea and some people really do not mind having other kinds of payments. Hopefully this catches on in places where is more applicable to me. Most of the perks require you to be in the area to enjoy it.
Elliot James
Elliot JamesMaker@elliotjames1992 Β· Product Designer
@swiftpolar Thanks Lee! Really appreciate your kind feedback :) So as I'm in the UK, my marketing efforts have started there but the vision was always to go global as the nature of the resources can easily be exchanged digitally. Hang tight :D
John Hudson
John Hudson@hudson228john Β· web designer
Great! I'm now developing my own app for business and I need something like this. I work with IDAP company, they are really professional, here I found them. I will ask them is it real to use your service!