Perk Generator by Cherry

The 100+ employee benefits offered today. On shuffle mode.

An overview of the 100+ company benefits offered today. On shuffle mode.
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At Cherry, we’re building a platform that lets employees take company perks into their own hands. Along the way, we’ve learned of the 100+ unique benefits companies offer today, so we decided to create the Perk Generator. Our list includes everything from the standard free snacks and coffee to fresh and impactful perks like pawternity leave and gender reassignment assistance. We’ve included facts and stats along the way to give additional context. You can use the Perk Generator to see how companies are developing stronger cultures and making a difference for their employees through the benefits they offer. Get inspiration, or do some benchmarking! :) You can “heart” a perk to like it. We’ll publish a list of the most liked perks next!

Cherry is really thinking about the best ways to attract and retain talent, and the Perk Generator is a great example of that.


The Perk Generator is super easy to use and a great source to find what matters to employees.


Adding even more perks.

Let me know if we missed one, or how else we can improve this product! We are open to feedback :)
Love it! Quick suggestion - it would be great if you could fix the "shuffle" button's position. It is hard to click it repeatedly as it moves up and down!
Thanks, @gautam_krishnan1 - that’s good feedback!