Periscope Producer

A new way to broadcast live video

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You can read an article from The Next Web From the Periscope blog post: With Producer, you can stream high-quality live video from external sources, including streaming software, hardware encoders, and professional cameras, on Periscope and Twitter. Just like any other broadcast on Periscope, viewers can send comments and hearts, and watch live in the Periscope and Twitter apps as well as on the web at Broadcasters interested in signing up can do so here
@bentossell can't wait to play with it
This will be wonderful for my 10k+ followers for live DJ streaming! Already use Wirecast w/ gear!
huge and smart move for them to make periscope more relevant. could even creep into the webinar space if marketed right.
Ah, so @Meerkat meets @Livestream. This might actually hit LS nearly as hard as y'all hit MK (RIP) - though LS's hardware producing tools look pretty great & not sure @Periscope will be getting into hardware. @bentossell @kayvz
Awesome! Been waiting for this.