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Talk with your audience on Twitter 🗣️🎙️

Ever want to just talk with your audience on Periscope? In this update you can go live with audio only, so your viewers can hear (but not see) you. To try out an audio-only broadcast, tap on the new microphone icon on the broadcast setup screen. You can select this option before you start your broadcast, or at any time while you’re live!

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Five days ago I tweeted about why I think Twitter needs to have audio tweets and what a pleasant surprise this is 😻 This is definitely not something new, I've seen products that have tried to do audio tweets about 5 years ago but shut down. I'm eager to see if more podcasters would adopt this 🎙️ This could easily be my favorite medium of consuming podcasts.
This could be a big shift for Periscope and how people use the platform to broadcast and communicate. I've been following the audio space closely in the past few years as voice-enabled devices have grown in popularity (Sonos just launched their developer platform today). Someone's going to dramatically change the way we communicate and share with our voice as more people grow accustom to voice-computing and speaking in public to one's device becomes less socially awkward. Personal plug: I'm actively looking to invest in companies in this space so message me on Product Hunt if you have any good tips. 😉
@rrhoover I've been thinking about what this capability might look like on Twitter for a while. I'm curious to see how the threaded replies are going to evolve with audio as opposed to text. Frankly, my hope is that they will develop along the same lines that early @anchor threads did; I liked how that first version looked, even if it took a little bit to become comfortable with it. What I think this signals too, though, is a shift (minor, perhaps) away from even shortened podcasts (see: Anchor) to true micro-casting in the way that Twitter pretty much revolutionized microblogging. In order to keep it truly bite-sized, however, I assume there will need to be a time limit on recordings, and I'm also curious how they will ultimately catalogue the audio content (which might be slightly more complicated than cataloguing the written content). I see one more interesting factor here: this, along with services like Anchor and such, has the potential to change how we think about audio. I think this could have major implications for how we think about the data *behind* the audio content, particularly in the B2B arena. That will be something I'll be keeping a close eye on. 🤔
This is super cool idea. I like the idea of “Live Streaming” voice!
I am super excited about this!!!!!! Go Twitter!!!!!!
Great to see this now available to all of us - I was testing the beta version. I'd love to see the ability to add an image to the live stream to make it more visually engaging though - and live audio transcription would make it even better!