Epic website performance battles between two urls

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I like the UI.
Greetings Hunters! I've been working on a fun tool to help developers and website owners better understand how the performance of their site compares to other sites. PerfWars was built as a friendly tool to raise awareness about website performance, and to help you crush your enemies. As a developer myself, anytime I evaluated the performance of my site using webpagetest, or many of the other tools out there, I would find myself overwhelmed with the kitchen sink of data these tools spit back to me. This made me realize that all this performance data isn't very helpful or actionable without the context of a benchmark. When you compare the data of two urls, it becomes more clear how they differ and why one might perform better than the others. I hope you find it useful, and I'm looking forward to your feedback on how I can make it better. Thanks! Cory
really like the design! Tried it with a page of mine and already got some useful suggestions on how to improve performance. One thing though, the load time failed to load at this test:
@hommsen Thanks for the feedback! Looks like the timing data for your battle is working now.
@coryshaw This is really awesome ! I love the way you gamified performances ! It will definitely help companies to improve in a good way !
@shub_s Thanks! That means a lot.
Cool website, just used it and will be using it a lot more.