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As someone that actually goes to the gym, i think that taglines such as "Build your dream body in just 10 minutes a day" are misleading and bad for people. Or, well, are ok if your dream body is like this 😁:
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@nicolasegosum I agree. I've been at the gym regularly for months and don't have a "dream body" yet. Misleading and impossible.
@nicolasegosum it depends on the intensity and type of exercise training you choose. You can do GYM 1-2 hours, but you can only workout 10 mins! How long you can do "Plank"?
@nicolasegosum obviously there are many factors that have to be taken into account (for the most part: nutrition), but 10min a day of HIIT really can go a long way. i average at around 15min a day (5x 20min a week) and i'm very happy with the results im seeing. (not using this app though) 1) when you spend 1 hour at the gym doing weights you're probably working out for 5-10min. most of the time you're resting. that's not true for HIIT. when i do a 20min freeletics workout, i actually work out for 20min. meaning it's possible that i do a lot more work in one third of the time you spend at the gym. 2) because it's in such a short time span my body is in an anaerobic state most of the time burning glucose at the highest possible rate. most of my "gym" friends don't even sweat when working out. no wonder their body fat is higher than they'd like.
Your PERSONAL TRAINER that helps you workout anytime, anywhere with over 120 animation exercises.
The animations here are really nice, and the UI is pretty pleasant. My question for the maker here is: What does your app offer that is different than the other 7 minute apps on the market? You seem to be using the same 12 exercises that the other apps are using as the base workout. What would you say is the differentiating factor of your app? Cheers!
@xcadaverx The "Full Body" pack based on the article published in American College of Sports Medicine - That is the basic standard exercises. The other 7 minute apps on the market are using simple images that's very difficult to imagine the operation, or using videos that make a large capacity app or require network connection to load. Perfect Workout uses Vector images to create animation, that's small capacity and highly customization (like changing the accent color)
@vuongthanhchung awesome! I appreciate the reply. Package size is always important to me. I like lightweight applications that don't bog down easily. I'll give it a try. Cheers!
Why there is no web version?
@sasindumendis we focus on mobile first! Android is developed