Perfect New Tab

More feature-rich and lightweight new tab 🌟


1. Lightweight (~ half the memory consumption compared to default new tab page)

2. Handy shortcuts to important sections

3. Fast (New tab should load in a jiffy, it does with Perfect New Tab)

4. Quick access to recently bookmarked links

4. Todos app

5. Most Frequently visited sites

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Have you been using this for a while @diskevich? If so, how has it improved your productivity?
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@amrith not for a while but a couple of weeks. I love this easy way to access my downloads/plugins/history etc. as well as recently added bookmarks. But I am not sure if I have enough data to provide you with the answer so far.
I've been using speed dial 2 for years and if it's not the first time I want to use a new "new tab" extension, it's the first time I'm considering keeping it. But I really need some basic customisation : being able to delete an entry in the most frequent sites (and have more of them), to edit my recent bookmarks and change the color palette would be nice :) Are you planning on adding some of those features ?
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@tgerin great point! unfortunately the maker isn't on ProductHunt yet though. would be interested in the customization you've mentioned above
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Let's try!
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Great job !! 😊 UI should be different and more improvements should be fine
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