Perfect Dude

Helping you to be the perfect partner

Remember forgetting it's almost your partner's birthday or your anniversary and panic searching for a gift?
Worry no longer because Perfect Dude helps you keep track of important dates in your relationship and stores your gift ideas for when you need them.
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It’s a fun idea... who doesn’t need help remembering those things? However, it’s weird to me that you would automatically alienate 60% of the human population by using heterosexual white male phrases like “dude” and “your lady.” Why not build an app women and gays can use too? Unless your goal is to not get users.
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@will_anderson2 Hey Will, thanks for your feedback. In hindsight you have a very solid point. My assumption was that it's mainly straight guys who need an app like this but the fact that you make this remark proves I might have been wrong. I'll definitely take it into account for the next update.
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Jay Robahready to learn
are you planning to make an android version?
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@exit_friendzone I'm an iOS developer but if I find the fund I will definitely look to also look for a developer to build the Android side. Besides the app is open sourced at so technically any Android developer willing can start on it.
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