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Easy, effortless deeplink ad retargeting for mobile apps

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    easy to use dashboard, analytical data, tutorials


    does what it promises, no significant cons

    a really well-designed solution for retargeting, definitely worth a try

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We built Perfect Audience Mobile to help app developers bring back lost users and drive more revenue through ad retargeting. A recent analysis from Andrew Chen shows the average app loses 80% of its users in the first days after install. With a good deeplink retargeting campaign, a developer can fight this trend by identifying the high value users being lost and serving them ads on smartphones and tablets that deeplink right back into their app. For the last 3 years we (Perfect Audience) have helped thousands of marketers bring back lost web site visitors. Our product approach has always been to keep things free to try, easy to use, and really transparent. We're excited to bring this same approach to mobile retargeting. With Perfect Audience Mobile, you'll see where your ads run, which audiences are driving more re-engagement, and which ads are performing best. Your first campaign runs 100% free for 2 weeks or up to $100 in spend. Just install our iOS SDK or upload Apple of Android device IDs to build your first mobile audiences and get started. Who's got questions about retargeting or re-engagement advertising? Ask away!
Hey @bradflora - looks great. I used to run mobile ads for a company I worked for... We ran with a mobile provider that used cookie-less tracking and could attribute conversion cross-device. Are you able to do that with Perfect Audience? Also, how long until rich interstitials and other rich formats are supported? We tested native ads that seemed to work well :)
Hi @bentossell! Yes, we have cross-device targeting and attribution. If you serve mobile ads to a user on a smartphone and someone signs up on your web site, that will be tracked! We're working on support for rich formats. Our ad exchange partners support these to varying degrees so we're working to get that all lined up!
It's interesting to see the intersection between retargeting and deeplinking. @bradflora is this product initially targeted at publishers who want to monetize, or at developers who want to get reengagement? (I get that ultimately the product does both, but which is this mobile SDK geared towards?) Also, beyond deep linking, what other mobile-specific features did the product need to have that the web-based version didn't? (e.g., cookies vs. UDIDs)
@matthartman This is aimed at advertisers looking to bring back lost users. A lot of folks install your app and never really use it. Or they use it for a bit and then churn out. We've made it really easy to identify those cohorts and then serve them ads inviting them to come back. The Deeplinking element lets you link them right back into your app to where they left off, removing a few steps from the re-engagement funnel as well.
There aren't so many high-quality retargeting applications, so Perfect Audience is something which might be interesting for those who need one. Definitely an interesting app for managing mobile retargeting campaigns and happy to recommend it at picksaas.