Perf Track

Analyze performance of sites that use JavaScript frameworks

Perf Track is a powerful dashboard that tracks and measures the usage and performance of sites that use popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries. All data is obtained from HTTP Archive and Chrome User Experience Report.
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Hi PH πŸ‘‹πŸΎ As part of my work as a Developer Advocate on the Google web team, I've been researching how sites that use popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries perform in the wild. All this data is publicly available but can be hard to obtain without knowing how the underlying technologies work. So I built Perf Track to make it easier for framework authors and developers to see this information :)
been watching Houssein build this in github on the side πŸ‘€ I really love how this dashboard reflects real life collected statistics of all the major JS frameworks, which is going to help move the web performance discussion forward with real data!
?makers, This is nice, Small suggestion, if there be a functionality to compare any 2 frameworks. This could bring resolution a lot of framework debates. πŸ˜‚