Simple app monitoring with meaningful alerts

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Hey @robjama thanks for hunting us :D Perf is a simple solution to application monitoring for engineers. It offer gorgeous graphs with accurate alerts that configure themselves. Alerts are double checked to make sure we’re not blasting you with notifications. Join the open beta and find out more! Let us know if you have any feedback, comments or questions! Thanks.
nice guys!
Cool idea and reasonably priced for a change.
@itsnblackburn yeah, we believed that price should be reasonable, understandable and predictable
@stevenlu Great motives, i wish you every bit of success.
I thought it was a renaming of @pingdom service due to similarities of your P's
@schpn haha, totally didn't notice that
Hi @stevenlu @jonathangrana5, redirect to, do you stopped the project?
@jonathangrana5 @michael_baron We did unfortunately. We pivoted into We may open source the code in the future.