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Naseem RaadHunter@naseem_raad
Press Release from the Creators: Our first game is also called Perchang!. It's a puzzle action strategy. What we do know, is that it's a puzzle action strategy game. Think Lemmings mixed with Marble Madness and you're a fraction of the way there. Also think of some ambient occluded lovliness and BOOM! You nailed it!! The game revolves around getting little balls from the emitter to their home in the goal. Blocking their way are a plethora of obstacles, and some helpful elements coloured red or blue. The player can change the colour of the elements by tapping them. Then by pressing the red or blue buttons, they can activate them. Figure out the level, then get the balls home. The game is nearing completion and assuming we come up with a name it will be available on the App Store by the end of June. An Android version will follow in July; other platforms to follow.