Simple home monitoring using spare Android devices

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Trying this out right now. Never could stomach the price of Nest Cam or even the Wemo Cam to just see what my cat's up to when I'm gone. Tomorrow my questions will be answered. Edit: Playing with it some more, really like that it already has the ability to push voice, now I can tell the cat to get off the counter.
Love the idea, extremely concerned about the security of my data on Perch's systems. Anyone's systems really, but especially for a home monitoring system.
@robertprince Agreed now that you've brought it up. For other standalone products in the space would you have the same concerns? Less so or moreso than others (i.e. I may trust Belkin less than Google with security...)?
@thatmattgardner I do have the same concerns - for all of them really. At some point of course you have to adopt one or more of the product/service ecosystems (Apple, Google, MS, Amazon...) and naturally there's a giant amount of trust you have to place there. Every 3rd party service you use that plugs into one of those ecosystems gets access to at least some portion of that data. The specific data in this case (Perch) though hits you pretty hard where you live: video of the inside of your home.
Cool idea for recycling old phones. What are the benefits vs risks users can expect compared to competitors? (Dedicated cameras) I've never been an Android user myself so I can't try it out, any plans to release something for iOS devices?
@piero_ruiz I like the interface a lot better than others that aren't nest cam. IOS question is interesting, I find most iPhones keep an okay resale value, I might guess there are a lot more people with old droids lying around but it's just a thought. If anyone knows the perch founders they should get them here to dump a roadmap ;)
this is similar to
I like the ability to see the capture in real-time. However, I don't seem to see a way to view recorded videos.