React Native app starter kit for Android and iOS

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Thanks @micaelol for hunting us! I'm one of the developers behind Pepperoni, and keen to answer questions, if you've got any. For the past 9-10 months my team has been shipping apps with React Native. Pepperoni is our attempt to distil our learnings into a single package, so others building apps can benefit from it, and we can kickstart our own future development projects at top speed. This launch is a very early version of what we have in mind, and in coming weeks and months we want to make Pepperoni to be THE reference implementation for React Native developers.
If the "pg/node" backend is going to be your BaaS, presumably for customers that don't already have a backend, maybe something GraphQL/Relay related would be nicer.
Hi @rajington, thanks for your interest! We are evaluating PostGraphQL as an alternative endpoint to the database. Our backend will be a little less turnkey than, say Firebase, as we want to support bespoke scenarios. For hosted BaaS, we will probably just recommend people to use Firebase, Serverless or Reindex. With flexibility in mind, we want to have the tools to quickly spin up both a GraphQL endpoint and RESTful services, as in a real system both can coexist and solve appropriate problems. A first iteration of this should be available in a few weeks.