Pepper Bra

New bra company solving big problem for small boobs

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Jaclyn Fu
@jaclyn_fu · Co-Founder of Pepper
Hi there! This is Jaclyn, one of the co-founders of Pepper. We hope you'll upvote us and support our mission to promote body positivity. 80% of women today are wearing a bra that doesn't fit them. We think this is because traditional bra makers are not designing for real body types. For small-chested women, we often get gaps in our bra because we don't "fil… See more
Daveyon Mayne
@mirmayne · Working on side project
Youtube video id nXYPPjoI-qo was removed. Been getting insulting mentions without a reason.
Paul Brenner
Backed. (Ok... well my wife backed it. Instantly.). I love products like this that find a niche market and serve their needs... Funny that in this case the "niche" market is actually probably a huge portion of the world's population that larger comapnies in the space just haven't been serving because... ... ... I have no idea why.
Tese Omesan
@tese_omesan · CEO and Storyteller, The Black TCK
Well I'm all for body positivity and serving neglected markets. Well done. I would love to understand who exactly traditional designers are designing for because the majority doesn't seem to be happy with the current designs sold.
Tony Anastasi
@tony_anastasi · Filmmaker, works with startups in China.
Be interesting to see how this go's here in China!.. my gf's ( actually all the girls here ) wear bra's with at least 2-3inches of padding.. ( all false advertising ! ) anyhow - I'll send her your link :)