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#2 Product of the DaySeptember 20, 2016

Does your website provide an easy and immediately visible way for visitors to get in touch; with YOU?

With PEPPER, your website's visitors won't ever have to CTRL-F again to find that odd "contact" link! PEPPER collects all your contact info in a pretty widget – easy to find, yet unobtrusive!




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Johannes N Maker@jollife · Dev Lead,
Thanks for hunting PEPPER, @nikgraf! We’ve built PEPPER with the goal of making it easier for visitors to get in contact with a website’s owner – through various social medial channels, phone, email etc., without the need to CTRL-F to find that hidden ‘contact’ link in the footer. Thanks for giving PEPPER a try, we’re very much looking forward to your feedback!
Chris Crompton@chris_crompton1 · User Acquisition @ goPuff
@jollife @nikgraf Will there be support added for other services like Intercom or That way the web visitor can see live chat as an option to connect as well?
Nick Meagher@nick_meagher · Web Developer at
@chris_crompton1 @jollife @nikgraf I was thinking the exact same thing, I would love to see integrations with products such as Intercom or just a real-time chat feature in general.
Stephen@stephenalan · PM | USPTO
@chris_crompton1 @jollife @nikgraf Touche. This is cool, but the icon is misleading - Most users click that when they want to chat on-screen/in-app. And I want to chat with them!
Luca Hammer@luca · Data Analyst
Just added it to my blog. Setup was fast and easy. Thanks!
Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach@gumpelmaier · 1978
@luca schaut super aus!
Stefan Miodrag@stefanmiodrag · Booting up in-progress: ██░░░░░░░░ 20%
Awesome product @jollife, however for some reason when I click the button, it takes a while for it to show up and I can see the HTML for a second. Might just be on my end.
Johannes N Maker@jollife · Dev Lead,
@stefanmiodrag1 thanks, @neuling2k is already investigating!
Michael KamleitnerMaker@_subnet · Die Socialisten / /
Quick update: you can now switch the labels from "...Us" (Company) to "...Me" (Persona)! Hope that helps for using Pepper on personal blogs, websites etc. Let us know what you think! /CC @ashishsinghxyz @luca @findabhilash
liran@lirantad · Founder @Social Box
nice one!
Michael KamleitnerMaker@_subnet · Die Socialisten / /
@lirantad Thanks! :) Let us know if/where you're embedding PEPPER! :)