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If tiktok & linkedIn had a crypto lovechild

Pepo is where the crypto community comes together!
- Meet the people shaping the crypto movement
- Be the first to know about news and project updates
- Send and receive tokens of appreciation
- Create videos
The 1st crypto-powered app in the app stores!
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Jason Goldberg
Hey Product Hunt! ✌️ Today we’re thrilled to launch Pepo -- the best crypto user experience ever made. 🌶 Pepo is the first crypto app approved by Apple and Google, with in-app purchase (Apple Pay & Google Pay) and cash-out options 😲Pepo demonstrates that crypto UX can be gorgeous. Pepo is so fast, so easy to use, that you’ll rethink what’s possible with crypto. 📱Pepo is the first consumer app with an embedded non-custodial crypto wallet, enabling seamless decentralized micro-transactions. Powered by Ost’s industry leading wallet SDK technology: dev.ost.com. During beta the past couple week, >25% of Ethereum Devcon5 participants used Pepo, sending more than 20,000 peer-to-peer decentralized transactions. To celebrate, Today we are officially launching Pepo in Product Hunt. 🤝 Meet the people shaping the crypto movement -- Pepo features short videos from makers. 📹 Exclusive video updates from the makers who matter Developers. Builders. Hodlrs. Watch sneak previews. Get exclusive updates. Go behind the scenes. 🤑 Collect more than just likes Pepo is the first app to include seamless crypto tokens of appreciation. We reinvented the like button: Each tap sends 1 Pepo Coin person-to-person, with no fees. Pepo Coins are ERC-20 tokens on layer-2 Ethereum blockchains. Pepo Coins cannot be transferred outside Pepo, but can be redeemed for Unicorns, which can be cashed out for gift cards. It’s all kinda fun! 🤳Create your own videos Whether you’re a crypto developer, podcaster, analyst, blogger, or enthusiast, there’s never been an easier way to showcase your work, earn appreciation, and connect with the community. 👫 We’re Pepo by Ost. I’ve personally been working as a product designer for 20 years, mostly on signal vs. noise problems and democratization of content and creation. Our team has built Pepo and the underlying technology, Ost, for four years now -- innovating on the user experience of cryptocurrency. We are thrilled to share our work with the world, and we welcome your feedback!
Khun Speechi like to drink coffee
I have installed and have been using pepo. This is really an amazing niche area that solves a lot of problems. It is such a new concept and it will be interesting to see how it evolves. It appears to have so much potential fir the crypto space to network. marketing. and just providing info. I think it will evolve into so many things other than just crypto enthusiasts. really cool app 👍
The first-ever app proves blockchain adoption is real and legal.
Nihal PathanBlockchain and Crypto
It looks good, Crypto communities will support such products. I am making my first Pepo soon.
Pretty cool app, doesn't feel like blockchain tec, maybe that is what crypto needs to go mainstream. Well done OST.
Absolutely love it. Sending someone real actual tokens with the swipe of a finger is a game changer.. job well done!
Love PEPO! The thirty second videos really push me to be creative and to the point, no rambling, no nonsense, short and sweet, really easy to use!
Wasim AhmadChief Crypto Officer
Excited to use this more authentic medium to communicate the excitement around blockchain
Stephen Chip
Co-founder, Cruise.me
Excited to make my first Pepo about my new project onthechain.io. I’ve been watching other devs on Pepo and the app is simply amazing! So awesome to see what others are up to in the blockchain space.
Gaurang Desai🚀 Social Media Marketer 🌎 Digital Nomad
I have installed, and tried connected with my Twitter, it says it not activated with your twitter account would require invitation code. can you please help me out with this . @betashop
@betashop @gaurang0009 You can use this invite link to join Pepo: https://pepo.com/?invite=3ATO2L