All your organization notices in one place

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Kitindi@tindi_ · Mobile Engineer
This is dope! First Kenyan product I've seen featured here
Ngugi Ndung'u
Ngugi Ndung'uMaker@samuelsimons1 · Co-Founder, Pepeza
@tindi_ Thanks, we are working to make it better
Felix Andego
Felix AndegoMaker@felixandego · CEO, Pepeza
Greetings to all Product Hunters! I'm Felix Andego, CEO and co-founder of Pepeza. My team and I are delighted to have been hunted today. Pepeza is a virtual noticeboard service that enables you to send, receive and view notices straight from your phone or computer. We created Pepeza to solve the communication challenges that we faced during our time in the University. Having to walk to noticeboards every day to get access to the latest information or even having to look for an email in a cluttered school email inbox. We know the difference that even a few saved hours can make in a busy week. Pepeza gives you more time to do more of what matters, and more of what you love. We'll be available all day to answer any questions you might have ;)
I used Pepeza when it was in beta its well designed and thought-out. I'd really like to see how the product grows. Awesome work guys! #SiliconSavannah
Felix Andego
Felix AndegoMaker@felixandego · CEO, Pepeza
@fernamuruthi Thanks. We are still going strong!