Pepe Dapp

Rare Pepe Cards on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Share, buy and sell the dankest memes on Ethereum.

  • Pros: 

    The UX is superb. Incredibly easy to navigate, buy or sell cards. Ill be a big fan of art on the blockchain for the remainder.


    You may have to clear your cache to view your wallet at times

    This application is something that I believe we will see more and more of. The art is phenomenal and the fun to be had getting involved in the meme economy is also notable.

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  • Lakshman Sankar
    Lakshman Sankarcomputer power user

    Hilarious. Great to see a crypto-project that doesn't take itself too seriously.


    I get that it's early days, but 9 cards is way too few.

    Pepe the Frog was misappropriated by hateful people and it's nice to see people bring it back to its lighter, more absurdist roots.

    And this seems like it could be a great platform to help meme artists monetize their work!

    Feels good man.

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Sandro Jazzar
Sandro Jazzar@sandrojazzar
Magic internet money for magic internet cards. This is so good!
Elon Moist
Elon MoistMaker@coinyeezy
@sandrojazzar yiiiissssssss
Ich bin Theresa.
Ich bin Theresa.@theresa_maynero
Maybe the coolest thing I've ever seen in life.
Crypto Unicorn
Crypto UnicornMaker@cryptorigami
@theresa_maynero thanks! we think so too :)
Elon Moist
Elon MoistMaker@coinyeezy
PepeDapp is a meme marketplace and wallet for collectors and artists. Each card is completely original and backed by the Ethereum blockchain, so your ownership is verified. Players can collect Pepes and share them with their friends, or resell them in the marketplace. While PepeDapp isn’t a digital currency, it does offer the same security: each Card is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you. It cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed. The Ethereum smart contract powering PepeDapp is completely open source and can be found here. Get started: - user chrome, brave, or firefox browser - download or (for mobile) - load your wallet with Ethereum - go to the marketplace and buy a card! Meet the team: – Tech @cryptorigami – Design @nondualnelly - Art @cryptodrawz - Telegram Bot @icebergy - Book of Pepe @NirroDrows
Josh Petty
Josh Petty@jashpetty · Keep calm and HODL on ✌️
Love it - Digital art on the blockchain is the future!
just go buy some cards and make money, it is that easy