A Collaborative Hub for People Minded Leaders

Peoplzz is market network "People" People share knowledge and help each other grow.

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Cool idea. Don't love the name. Repeated letters are hard to communicate via speech.
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I'd like to hear more about the story behind Peoplzz -- and how will you measure success? @yanivos @shuki_refaeli @debbiebzs
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Hi @abadesi, Nice to meet you :) and thank you for that question. I worked in people operations for the last 15 years mostly in fast-growing teams. I met @shuki_refaeli and @yanivos when we all worked together in a startup. Shuki was the Head of Design, Yaniv was R&D Manager, I was the head of HR and we all worked very hard to build their teams and design strong culture. The startup unfortunately failed. I moved to NYC, Shuki went to her maternity leave and Yaniv travelled to India for a few months. I became very active in my professional community (on Facebook and Slack) and one day I decided to share with the community my Google drive with all the resources that I gathered over the years. It had a huge impact. I got hundreds of comments and messages, and lots of people that asked for my help and people that asked to add their resources to the drive too so everyone can use it. Shuki and I always wanted to build something together and so I asked her if she would like to build an open source community that will help others build and design great work culture. Yaniv came back and called me to consult on a few job offers he got, I asked him to join and he said yes :) We are just getting started so we are checking a few options to measure success, but our vision is that the platform will combine an open source community and marketplace for everyone that is trying to design and build great work culture. We are building a mechanism that will allow the best contributes to build their personal brand and earn by helping each other. We would love to answer any other question :)
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Sounds like a great HR community. How many members you got so far? ;)
@mattstools Hey, thank you. Well I'm a community manager of 12K HR people on other social platforms (Facebook and Slack). A few of the community members helped us build the platform. But we are starting this community from zero. We'll open the platform on August and go from there :)
Looks pretty cool , noticed a couple of typos on your medium blog no issues but best to double check "Empowering Poeple People" and the no reply mail is actually no-replay :) , best of luck
@dragos_cristian Thank you, we'll check and fix that :)
Can you please tell me more about peoplzz how does it help Build culture I actually did not understand the concept
@prasanna_ramalingam We are building a 'market network' - it's a platform that combines elements from both marketplaces and social networks. the social network allows connecting with like-minded peers and shares case studies, resources, advice and practices, the market allows to have on-demand access to mentoring and services to improve work culture.
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@debbiebzs Great that is interesting
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