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@RBilgil - check out @maccaw's It's basically a search engine for engineering talent.
talking about recruiting; I think that is actually another product of theirs, built using their same API.
Hello - Tom here from PeopleGraph, thanks for your comments. We've only *just* released this rough version, so forgive the onsite wobbles! PeopleGraph is the 'front-end' which aims to show off our API info, which anyone can use/abuse. As Nicholas said, think beyond hiring - we enable you to build anything using the API (awesome people index). Think sales, growth hacking, advertising, investors, BD, recruitment, product etc. is our 'recruiting' application, also built using the API. We've been caught off guard a little with the interest - as we've not tied everything together just yet, but thanks for the kick up the proverbial. Any questions or if you want an API key, I'm tom at peoplegraph dot io Thanks, happy hunting...
Thanks folks - a reminder to think beyond recruitment. There are a host of tech-recruitment aggregators (also Gild, Entelo, HiringSolved - who just got sued by LinkedIn). But does the world need another ATS? We're doing something very different - focusing on building the technology that enables us to understand who's who across the entire web. At the moment there is simply no place to comprehensively search someone's online footprint. You can go to LinkedIn, or Facebook etc, but you get a walled garden of information. Our aim is to have aggregated 1 billion people within a year and enable developers to build that people data into their platforms through an API - think of fellow #500Startups wunderkid Twilio's model. Examples of what you can do with people data - improve recommendation engines, knowing who your users are, better CRMs, user management... etc Our aim is to build Whoogle, not just another recruiting platform. We've only just begun... but are adding another 10m people a week.
Seems like it'd be really useful for when hiring. A little indication about what to search for would be nice, I had no idea what I was supposed to type in the box at first!