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Engagement & Performance App for Remote teams πŸ§‘β€πŸ’»
Peoplebox empowers remote managers & teams to build strong relationships & achieve great results with meaningful 1:1s, regular productivity & performance check-ins, & trackable action items.
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One of the clean UI / UX I have seen recently, Amazing!
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Hey Product Hunt! πŸ‘‹ This is our second PH launch after an overwhelming response on our β€˜1:1 Meeting Questions for Managers’, which was upvoted as the β€˜#2 Product of the Day’ with ~ 750 upvotes. We are so grateful to you for all your support & love! πŸ₯³ Today, we are super excited to launch our core product Peoplebox ( to help managers build amazing remote & distributed teams. If you are looking to keep up the remote team life or manage a distributed team, Peoplebox is here to help build stronger relationships & achieve great results with your remote teams. 🀫 A sneak peek into the distinct features of Peoplebox: β˜… Great 1:1 meetings β˜… - 1:1 meetings are among a manager’s most powerful tools to unleash the team’s true potential. 1:1s can work wonders, especially in remote work setup. Peoplebox makes your 1:1s great with some interesting features we discuss below. πŸ‘¬ β˜… Productivity Check-ins β˜… - Team members can share their productivity since the last 1:1 along with what's working and what's not. This helps managers spot potential hang-ups and provide solutions. 🎯 β˜… Continuous Performance Review β˜… - Managers can review the performance of team members, private only to managers. This helps them reflect on how everyone is doing and to take preemptive action. πŸ€— β˜… Suggestive talking points & Integrations β˜… - Sync your calendars, be it Gmail or Outlook, and get talking points to managers and employees to make 1:1s agenda rich & meaningful. Manage everything from Slack. πŸ“† β˜… Actions β˜… - No great relationship can be established without taking real actions. Peoplebox allows you to create action items, assign them, and even set a reminder! Pending action items from your previous 1:1s are placed right on top to help you start the meeting in the right way. βœ… At Peoplebox, our vision is to help teams embrace remote work and its benefits without worrying about the challenges like lack of team cohesion, visibility, alignment, or goals clarity. 😻 I really look forward to your feedback and hope to help you and your teams get the best out of remote work.
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I have been using the product since the start(I am one of the developers building it). My meetings with @alagu have changed completely. There is so much more to discuss and everything stays structured and at 1 place. I had never done 1:1's before this and now I feel that everything has changed. A product to help with it is amazing. From one report to another - Ask your manager to try it out, I assure you that you would feel a huge difference.
Nailed the use case, I see many managers struggling with all round questions to ask and managing a separate confluence wiki for every 1-1. This is a 10x improvement.
Thanks a ton @piyushnarwani :) πŸ™. We have a lot more features coming that are specific for challenges in remote and distributed teams. Stay with us :)
Love the fact that you've given an option to try it live without having to sign in to evaluate the product. Also, the "Suggested Talking points" section is a lovely touch
@rajagopal_natarajan Thanks a ton. We got a lot of users hesitating to sync their calendar without getting their hands dirty. We are glad you liked it.