People. Places. Things.

A smarter neighborhood - one sticker at a time.

Stick, capture and share the people, places and things you care about for your local neighborhood to uncover using AR stickers. The more you stick, the smarter the neighborhood. Don't forget to #TellYourNeighbor !

Props to @leodelgadoacts for the handy overview!

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We're just getting started and hope for as much constructive feedback as possible. We have a lot in the pipeline and look forward to making this the best it can be for you and your neighborhood. Invite your own neighbors with our door hangers available on our website! #TellYourNeighbor!
This idea is awesome!
@pregenun Thanks John! We have been working really hard with limited resources on getting this in to neighborhoods. We have free door hanger invites on our website at if you, or anyone else are interested!
@andrewglennhicks I really want, but I have an android phone sadly
@pregenun Sorry about that! We hope to have an android version in the future. You will be the first to know ;) We are working on our map (beta) to allow those who do not have iOS devices to ask those with the app to capture community related events or occurrences. We will let you know about this asap.
Very good idea. What support structure do you have in place for the repairs getting done? Private sector or government? I like the graffiti aspect as well. Good luck!
@markusj Great question! The answer is both. We do have plans to integrate the data to municipal 311 systems. We will soon launch a service for community consultation, too. This would gather community feedback on new additions or proposed changes to a neighborhood, etc. This could be used by private contractors, architects, municipal governments, etc. Of course, all the data generated would be made accessible to the neighborhood impacted by the consultation. We hope that using AR stickers can make the experience more engaging! A virtual Town Hall of sorts. Don't forget to #TellYourNeighbor !