All your data in one safe, convenient place

Pensieve lets you search across all your tools from one safe, convenient place, so you’re never wondering whether the sales pitch deck was shared via slack or gmail, or where the latest design doc is kept.

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  • Ivan ShchekleinTools for Data Science

    Simple to use, lightspot that replaces notes and expands to all your external knowledge sources


    Integration with mac is not perfect, icon is visible in dock

    I’ve been usung it for a month now. It replaced the notes app for me as a way to capture all these information pieces along the work day. Pensieve is fast and flexible to capture unstructured stream of notes and help organizing them.

    Ivan Shcheklein has used this product for one month.
  • Ed DeCariaChief Product Officer, Nucleal

    #1 Pro: Searching + ACTUALLY FINDING my content wherever it is online. No more searching 7 different places b/c I had no idea where to look.


    Can't yet partially-authorize an account, like a specific Evernote notebook, so when I search I sometimes see irrelevant "personal" results.

    I've been using Pensieve regularly for a few months now. The killer feature for me is being able to search all of my online accounts at once. I can never remember if I put something in Google Drive, or if someone shared it with me in email, or if it was in Slack, or in Evernote, or worse if it's somewhere I rarely go on my own but still have an account like Dropbox or OneDrive. So now I can just hit OPT+SPACE and find what I want right away. And because it's now my go-to place for search, I also now use Pensieve directly for quick notes-to-self, instead of Evernote or Slacks to myself or offline text files. It's just a much better way to keep track of everything.

    I'm curious to see where they take it next -- seems like it could go in a lot of different directions from here. But as is, it's already very valuable.

    Ed DeCaria has used this product for one month.


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Dmitry Petrov@fullstackml · Data scientists
Neat idea! Could you please clarify how it works without storing my data? Purely through APIs? Btw… I also use InVisionapp. Can you find comments from there?
Aaron FeldsteinMaker@ajprax · Cofounder and CTO at
@fullstackml Thanks! Yep, we use the APIs provided by other cloud services to power our search so we don't have to index any of your data. From their site, it sounds like InVision doesn't have an API for this kind of search yet, but they say they're working on it so hopefully we'll be able to support them soon.
Dmitry Petrov@fullstackml · Data scientists
@ajprax Got it. Thank you. InVisionApp - it would be helpful to search through all the versions.
Aaron FeldsteinMaker@ajprax · Cofounder and CTO at
Hi Product Hunters! I’m Aaron, the other half of the Pensieve team. Renuka and I worked at the same couple companies over a few years, and things just went better when we were on the same team so we decided to “drop out of school” and see if we could make it on our own. While building Pensieve, we talked to loads of folks who feel the pain Pensieve aims to soothe, and one of the most consistent things we heard from them was concern that their data be kept secure. Data security is especially important for us since connecting to multiple services makes us an appealing target for hackers. To keep our users safe, we built our system from the ground up to require no user data or credentials stored on our servers or in our database. This means even if someone were to compromise our servers, they wouldn’t find any of your stuff there. If you’d like to talk more about how we think about data security, I’d be happy to chat. We also heard from people about the tools they use today, including cloud services where they search for things, and note taking tools, but we’re always looking for more. How many tools do you have to search regularly? Got one you use a lot that we don’t support yet (gmail, gdrive, dropbox, slack, evernote)? Tell us about it.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Great job!! 😊Will check it out
Renuka ApteMaker@renuka · Cofounder at
Hello PH! This is my first time posting on Product Hunt, and our second take on Pensieve. Pensieve lets you search across all your tools from one safe, convenient place, so you’re never wondering whether the sales pitch deck was shared via slack or gmail, or where the latest design doc is kept. The problem that we’re trying to solve — information being lost in different tools, and not being able to consolidate it in one place — is one that I’ve felt acutely, everywhere I’ve worked. Whether it was developing device drivers or building large scale infrastructure or managing teams; be it at a large company or a startup. We’ve learned a ton from our first attempt; and have hopefully executed on all the lessons and feedback. We’d love to hear your thoughts. We’re also running a fun contest — Win a $400 Amazon gift card by tweeting your best Pensieve puns @pensieveai with #PensieveForYourThoughts. We'll announce the winner on Monday June 18th. Be creative! ❤
Hello. Is there somewhere a comparison sheet between your product and other "equivalent" (?) ones, like Alfred or Quicksilver (the latest I used for years). Thx.
Aaron FeldsteinMaker@ajprax · Cofounder and CTO at
Hi @phdemoulin, We don't have a comparison sheet, but I can tell you that the main difference between Pensieve and Alfred/Quicksilver is that Pensieve's search is focused more on cloud services like Google or Dropbox, while the others are mostly search your computer. Beyond that, Alfred/Quicksilver are great if you have workflows you need to execute frequently, like finding a new file and sharing it with the same person via email, while Pensieve is great if you want to be able to take notes quickly without having to dig up your note taking tool and interrupt what you were already doing. Today, Pensieve is not a replacement for Alfred or Quicksilver if you use those tools for their workflow capabilities. That may be a direction we go if our user research points us that way, but for now we think of ourselves as complementary to those tools. Hope that helps, Aaron
@ajprax Thx. As all my notes repositories (Evernote, GDrive and Dropbox) are cloud syncs of local notes on my computer, QS and its plugins are my daily tool. But I'll give Pensieve a test.