Desktop application to open anything in a floating window

Pennywise is a multiplatform desktop application that allows you to open anything in a small floating window that always stays on top of the other applications all the time, allowing you to multitask with ease. No need to keep struggling with alt + tab, use pennywise and have your work in front of you all the time.

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Seems useful but I'm really confused why you'd go for theming the app around pennywise the clown. I guess users can always change the dock icon if they wanted to use it but didn't like looking at creepy clowns all the time.
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@sam_ayres because the application helps in floating and pennywise loved to do that
But anyways, I will see if we can change the logo to be a bit less scary :)
@kamran_ahmed Sorry I must have not been clear with what I was referring to, I have seen the movie (and liked it (pun intended)). What I mean is in terms of branding, a lot of people have negative associations with clowns, so it gives them a reason to not use the app. Even though other than the reference to the movie, the app and what it does is completely irrelevant to clowns. Just food for thought!
@sam_ayres gotcha, will see what we can do. Thanks for the feedback :)
@kamran_ahmed @sam_ayres I'll second that. Useful tool, but the "Pennywise" reference is absolutely lost on me as I’m not familiar with the genre, and it seems… odd. FWIW, while I don’t like the icon itself, I think it’s executed (lol) well :)
@sam_ayres @kamran_ahmed I thought this would be a laugh since the last time I saw this movie I was a kid and now I'm a grown ass adult. Nope, still scary AF.
Hey Guys, Kamran here; author of Pennywise 👋 Pennywise is a cross platform application (works on Mac, windows and linux) that allows you to open anything in a floating browser window that stays on top of other applications. I made it mainly to show some mercy to my alt+tab keys on my keyboard. List of features are listed below: - Always stays on top of any open applications - Adjustable opacity – it gets out of your way while you work - Resize and place it anywhere - Shortcuts to make you more productive - Let's you multitask while you work - Opensource licensed under MIT - Lean small resource footprint, minimal User Interface. - Cross-platform works on MacOS, Windows and Linux And for the possible usecases, you can use it for: - Use it as a floating window for your calendar/checklist/assigned-tickets etc - Watching tutorial while you code? Open the video in Pennywise and keep it in front of you - Making a video course? Open the demo in Pennywise and show the output in real time - Working on some web UI? Open it in Pennywise to avoid pressing alt + tab again and again - Play some video, watch some talk or play some TV series while you work - Working on something non-familiar? Open the docs in Pennywise - Open that live football match that you won't want to miss - Use it as a desktop widget I developed it over the weekend and have some nice features planned in the roadmap. Feel free to jump in with the PRs or to suggest any features you would want to see 😎🙌
@kamran_ahmed: Is this to "float" web pages? I wonder if you can modify it to access macos and "float" os apps - like Notes for example
@resh Yes to float webpages. Floating other apps isn't supported unfortunately.
@kamran_ahmed - We need the Operating system requirements (specifically supported Operating Systems) for MAC's. Please provide documentation - weblink, pdf, or email about what OS version pennywise application is supported on.
I like this. Great product but I agree with changing the icon. The name is recognizable already and most people don't want a clown staring at them in their dock. Good luck!
Seems cool, but you've got to do something about the branding. No clowns on my desktop, thanks.
Nice work 😁