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Chintan Parikh
Chintan ParikhHunter@chintanparikh94 · CTO, SeedFeed
Hey everyone, I'm Chintan, CTO and co-founder of PennyWhale. We just opened up for public beta - would love your thoughts. Also, something y'all might find neat. If you sign up and go to the upgrade page, we've implemented card.js -
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@chintanparikh94 super cool! couple quick questions - how / why did penny whale start and what's the ultimate vision for PennyWhale?
Chintan Parikh
Chintan ParikhHunter@chintanparikh94 · CTO, SeedFeed
@eriktorenberg Thanks! We were initially a service to send out realtime news alerts for the stocks in your portfolio, but we pivoted to a financial research platform after we found out how difficult it was to actually find the data you were looking for. Ultimate vision is a financial research dashboard - think bloomberg terminal for individual investors and smaller firms. There's an *huge* market here, as terminals cost ~20k a year (and firms usually need multiple).