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pennypost is a postcard app that makes it easy to send real postcards with your photos from Instagram, Facebook, computer and phone. You can also create a personal url to collect addresses from your friends and family by sending it to them in text, Messenger, or by posting it to Facebook.


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    Lynn MaasFounder and Singer Song Writer

    So easy to use and you can use it in any country you travel to.


    Zero Cons

    A very novel idea. You can use any of the pictures you take from anywhere in the world and send your family and friends beautiful quality postcards easily! Great product!!

    Lynn Maas has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy, efficient and great quality


    If there's a con, I haven't found it yet.

    In a world feeling more and more connected but less and less personal,

    pennypost is a great way to connect with people on a real level. I love using

    it as a tool to send to clients after a visit or event: it's a thank you note, memory

    and keepsake all in one. I've even sent one as a thank you for a job interview! I got the job.

    Kate Perry has used this product for one year.


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Nathan MaasMakerPro@natmaas · Product Manager | Founder
Thanks so much for the hunt @brimer We are super proud to hail from General Assembly. Hey hunters, Nat from pennypost here. Having traveled a lot of the world, I learned how painful it is to send postcards to family and friends. What started as a final project in my Web Development Immersive has become a progressive web app available across devices. Fellow GA alumni, teachers, and I teamed up to make it easy to send real postcards around the world with photos from Instagram, Facebook, computer and phone. Once we had built our postcard app, we did further testing and realized we had a big problem though. Very few people actually had their friends and families home addresses. We built our address collector to make it easy to gather addresses in text, Messenger, or as a post on Facebook before leaving on a trip to Cuba. Our teammate Lenny recently posted his url before leaving to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and collected over 50 addresses in a few days.    We have used our experience building pennypost to learn and grow as developers and designers.  Help us continue to do so with your questions and comments today 💌 🙌!
Isaac Lekach@isaac_lekach · CMO, REP
@brimer @natmaas This is so rad. Can't wait to check it out!
Matthew O. BrimerHunter@brimer · Co-Founder, General Assembly
I'm always excited to see General Assembly students & alumni creating awesome products, and pennypost is certainly one of them. Pennypost makes it super easy to collect addresses too, before sending out a real postcard with your photos. Awesome to see what they've built, definitely something I'd use on my travels and adventures!
Brenden Martin@brenden_martin · Coffee Lover, Tech Enthusiast, Human
I love Penny post! It's a super fun way to share your adventures with the people you love. It's extremely easy to use and is sure to bring a smile to the faces of those you love and decide to share your life with.
Gillian MorrisHiring@gillianim · CEO, Hitlist
As a habitual postcard-sender, I like this idea a lot. I've seen a few people build things like this but it's never quite caught on, due to a combo of execution, the fact that not too many people actually take the time to send postcards, and the address-collecting problem. In that sense I think the easy to share link to get addresses is the key here - and something that I think could be useful beyond travel! (does one of these exist for collecting addresses for weddings or holiday cards? it should)
Nathan MaasMakerPro@natmaas · Product Manager | Founder
Hey @gillianim thanks so much for your comments and questions. In our research we found that collecting addresses, especially right before a trip or holiday, was something that people really wanted. We built our address collecting feature with that in mind and we totally agree on its utility beyond travel as well!