Penguin Icon Manager

Recolor icons and export the SVG files to PNGs

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Instead of opening Icon in Sketch (or similar), pick a different colour, then export - this process is now automated You can read the Medium post: Don’t spend an hour recoloring icons
Really cool, but not for $3.
@perpetuous One the one hand, everyone likes stuff for free and little tools like this would be great if free. On the other, its $3. People need to remember that some indie-devs earn their living through projects like this. I dont think its an outrageous ask.
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@perpetuous How's it "really cool" if you wouldn't spend 3 bucks on it lol
@naeem cool because it solves a real problem. Wouldn't spend 3 bucks, because the price is quite high for such tool.
@perpetuous If you like it, and want it for free, you can build it from source :D <3
@bentossell sure. But (as for me) $1 it's quite good price for such tool. The tool is very-very simple (as dev, I can say it).