A chatbot that helps you learn about pensions

Penfold is a chatbot that uses tailored projections and relevant examples to help young people understand: (1) how pensions work (2) how much they should be saving to get the optimal top-ups from their employer and the government (3) why its great to save early and take advantage of the magic of compound interest!

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Hi ProductHunt!
 We are a UK based team trying to build a digital pension. Given how important it is to save when you are young (three cheers for the magic of compound interest!), we think its terrible that young people are at best disengaged, and at worst, locked out of the pensions market.  This chatbot is one of our very first steps to changing that. It's about educating young people about all the benefits of saving into a pension. We tested the messages in hundreds of real life conversations, and are focusing on helping people: * Understand why its better to start early * The top ups you can get from employers and the taxman * That saving a little makes a big difference. There is still lots of optimisation to do but we’d love some feedback. Cheers Pete, Chris & Paul