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#5 Product of the DayMarch 27, 2015
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PencilCase: Studio will provide everything you need to make fully interactive and native applications for the iPhone and iPad. Using the built-in Cards and Supplies, you can incorporate the features you expect to see in mobile apps, from menus to buttons to galleries. Import your creative assets into PencilCase: Studio and add functionality like behaviors, gestures, transitions and animations.
It would be interesting to test real apps built with this technology
@myshlaev Hi Vitaly. You can absolutely test out some of the apps we already have created by downloading the free PencilCase: Player from the App Store. One of our favorites is Flappy Bot, a take on Flappy Bird. You can also try out PencilCase: Studio for free. If you follow along with any of the tutorials, you can build each of our demo apps in about 20 minutes.
@mjsikorsky thank you! I'll try it
Awesome. I'm looking forward to your implementation of the transactional features. I've gone through the starter video and I'm really impressed. This is probably one of the more intuitive interfaces for app design/building I've played with. Good job guys!
@alirtariq Thanks, Ali! We've been working hard creating PencilCase, but we're just getting started. :)
Hi Product Hunters. We have the team who created PencilCase on here, and we’re happy to answer any of your questions ☺
Hey @mjsikorsky! This looks very promising. I have a few of questions: - where do you see PencilCase sitting in the design <---> development workflow? Who is your target user? - does PencilCase allow transactional apps to be created? e.g. plugins to Firebase, etc. And if so, is that provided as part of its Studio or as code that devs would have to put in themselves? - what kind of apps do you expect PencilCase to be best suited to create?
@alirtariq Great questions :) 1. We created PencilCase with designers in mind. We wanted to give them a powerful tool that would allow them to make real apps without code – essentially the ability to transform creative assets into native apps. But we didn’t forget about the developers - our robots love using it for its quick feedback loop and the ability to share apps quickly, using the PencilCase: Player, as well for quick animations and physics. Because a JavaScript engine is built in, apps created in PencilCase can be customized further by developers. 2. Not currently. This is something we have given much thought too and definitely are trying to solve. When implemented, it will be integrated into the Supplies and Behaviors, so no coding will be required. 3. Our hope is that PencilCase will be perfect for a wide variety of apps, and we have included tools to enable many different creations. We have seen a variety of apps successfully created using our tools already, including games, education, and brochure apps. PencilCase is perfect for apps that require rich animation, beautiful designs, and interactivity. (We launched yesterday, and had someone sharing an app with us within four hours!)