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@hjonesr Suggestion: some examples on the landing page of what it would look like... I know pretty much nothing about what this product does via the page... which means I wouldn't sign up :)
Thanks @erictwillis for sharing! Pelt is a web-based service designed to make it quick and easy to create a virtual business card to share with people. Once signed up for Pelt, you can upload your contact info, including email, phone number and social media profiles (among others). Every user has a unique Pelt URL at[theirusername], which can be shared with ANYONE, regardless of whether or not they have ever even heard of Pelt, to allow for them to view your Pelt and download your info as a contact. For example, even if you don't have Pelt right now, you can still see John Smith's Pelt at Any feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated!
Nice work, pretty neat little product. Happen to be working on something similar. I notice that my twitter URL doesn't end up in the vcard. Pretty easy to add - X-SOCIALPROFILE;type=twitter: An image would be nice too, just needs to be base64 encoded - PHOTO;ENCODING=b;TYPE=JPEG:/9j/4AAQSkZJRgABAQAAAQABAAD.... Lastly, and I haven't been able to solve this myself, but iOS at least will save multiple copies of the exact same card. Super annoying. MacOS gives a little duplicate dialogue, but not on ios.
Appreciate the feedback! I'll definitely add both of those features in the near future. I think the iOS thing is out of third-party control because Apple controls the native Contacts app, but I will add social profiles quickly. Appreciate it! Also, just checked out Dewey, looks great for Twitter cards :)
@hjonesr @sammybauch good old Dewey. That was like 10 products ago lol. PH won't let me change tagline cc @rrhoover I agree that Contacts is owning the .vcf opening, but I still think apple could do some de-duping. Look at how it works on mac os, super smooth.
@sammybauch Agreed, OS X does a great job. Hopefully Apple will add the same .vcf opening to iOS. Thanks again for the feedback! I added social profiles to the .vcfs too!
@hjonesr Love the simplicity in your execution.. In fact, I had the same idea few days ago and now it's on ProductHunt :D Completely agree with @bentossell with the landing page.. Would love to connect and help in any possible way.. Ping me on :)
Appreciate the suggestion @bentossell. I assure you it exists, will add more info
@hjonesr thanks! some images would be awesome :)