Movie night polls made easy 🍿

Película is modern open source progressive web application aiming to simplify the process of selecting what to watch during the next movie night with your friends, colleagues or family.
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Hi everyone 👋 We have recently started to organize recurrent movie nights at the office. Since then, choosing the right movie is a real challenge for us. Willing to automate and improve this process I started building Película, a fully customizable and open source voting web app. In the current version it is meant to be self-hosted and uses Firebase as backend, so it is free for everyone as long as they deploy it under their own account. It is not complete yet, but with the help of the community, it can be amazing! 🙂 The idea is to fork it, use it, customize it, and perhaps open a pull request with your great additions! It will be much appreciated! Depending on your reactions I will decide about building a hosted version of it, called La Película, allowing everyone to use it without any technical knowledge required. What do you think? I am super excited to hear your opinions on this.
Not just for work move nights, this is also a great way to decide what movies to watch when you're going out with friends. Super simple to use, and free and open-source. Looks great!
@anandchowdhary Thank you for your appreciation! It is indeed useful for different situations when you have to choose a movie, not only work movie nights.

it would be nice to contain some groups structures for people to join only some rooms with their friends. For now it can be deployed separately for each group of people, but what if no one is a programmer, who deploys it?


It's a nice open-source idea, so anyone can fork it and deploy on it's own firebase


Of course it can be improved, but good thing it's open source for the people to contribute

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! The current version is indeed meant to be deployed under your own Firebase account. The SaaS version of it, La Película, will be hosted and accessible to everyone. Having separate teams (groups of people) is planned to be a feature in that version, but adding it to Película is also an interesting idea. 🙂