Pelican Facebook

Make your Facebook experience more minimal and focused.

- Removes Timeline and loads an image from in its place

- Motivates you to work with quotes

- Removes notifications and messages

- Only keeps news feed

Vishnu Ks
Ananya Agrawal
Sarvagya Saavran
  • Pros: 

    Light, Effective, Quick, Loves the way it works, No glitches even if it is in it's early phases and Saves time a lot.


    None so far.

    Something that should have been done natively by Facebook itself, finally glad to see implemented by someone. Was almost about to leave Facebook because of the junk it shows besides the actual posts that we want to see but now can at last can brows it more effectively and efficiently.

    Sarvagya Saavran has used this product for one day.
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Gautham Santhosh
Gautham SanthoshMaker@gauthamzzz · I don't have a spaceship
Hey Product Hunt, I'm Gautham the creator of Pelican- A chrome extension to make your experience on facebook better. I am an Indian student pursuing Engineering and spend most of my time hacking things with friends. This is something I along with some of my friends made recently. The Problem? Being a college student I always faced the issue that while doing something like assignment when I used to start chatting with somebody regarding it I always ended up spending hours scrolling timeline which always resulted in making me lag behind in time and thus creating last minute fuss. So to solve this problem I decided why not to make the timeline and notifications itself get disabled. Another problem everybody could relate to was the incredibly complicated unused daily things that appear on Facebook. So to solve these issues I ended up making Pelican with two modes namely focus and minimal mode. Focus mode is designed in a way that you don't get notifications for messages and other things and furthermore timeline is also disabled thus letting the person stay focused on the task at hand. To further give the motivation to work, Quotes and images are added in focus mode. A minimal mode is designed to solve the other issue of getting rid of the not so useful things on Facebook. Moreover, being a big fan of minimalism my main goal of this was to make the Facebook minimal. Thus, I ended up deleting everything except the newsfeed and chat, as they were the reason because of which I use to open facebook 90% of the time. I hope that you will also find it useful. Looking forward to your suggestions and reviews. :)
Eric Brown
Eric Brown@itsericbrown · Startup swiss army knife.
Upvote for the epic intro video. :)
Trell West
Trell West@trellwest · Content Creator, Social Media Manager
Wow you should be head of product at Facebook.
Gautham Santhosh
Gautham SanthoshMaker@gauthamzzz · I don't have a spaceship
hahaha thanks @trellwest
Tushar Motwani
Tushar Motwani@bombay_71 · Business Analyst, SmartConnect Tech
Facebook should adopt this.