Earn cashback in crypto using your debit or credit card

Unlock credit card-style rewards on your debit or credit cards! Get cashback in Bitcoin or cash!
Pei offers rewards at stores like Target, Trader Joe’s, H&M, AMC Theaters, Game Stop, Sephora, and so many more.
For a sign up bonus use code, cj1kwi
  • Brennon Denny
    Brennon DennyCreating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡

    Simple UI and earns more than competitors I've tried.


    The Android app still needs work

    If the concept interest you I would give it a try

    Brennon Denny has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    cash back on credit and debit cards! Many merchant locations! Great customer support. Free app and signup.


    Allow me to share my cash back with a non-profit organization of my choice.

    Automatic cash back is just free money. win-win!

    Joel Hull has used this product for one year.
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Tom Bachar
Tom Bachar@maestrodoenas · Founder & CEO - Pei
Thank you @henkholveck and Hunters for sharing Pei! Our team is thrilled to be featured and have our work shared with the community. My coufounder, @mpei , and I started Pei with the intent to bring card rewards to all cards. We realized card rewards were very static, clunky, and had no association to the retailers who helped pay for them! After many months and incredible team effort, (ex. @yogeshkumar1805 ), we present you Pei! Pei turns your debit and credit cards into a retailer rewards card that automatically earns you cashback and savings as you make purchases at our over 60k supported merchants, such as Trader Joes, AMC, CVS, Gamestop, Sephora, and so many more! Pei is incredibly simple and seamless, working just like your credit card cashback. Simply link your debit or credit cards to the app and when you next make a purchase at our supported locations, Pei will automatically return you cashback. But unlike credit card cashback, Pei gives you the ability to redeem in Bitcoin! (Along many other major automatic savings that you wont find anywhere). Pei is now available on iOS and Android Thank you all again! Best, Tom
Henk Holveck
Henk HolveckHunter@henkholveck · Supreme leader of Haus of Holveck
No problem @maestrodoenas , I love the app concept and the UI is fantastic! I wanted to ask about the pending points? How long do I have to wait for the points to actually hit my account? Then once I the points clear, and I have the minimum of $15 can I cash out directly to my BTC wallet?
Tom Bachar
Tom Bachar@maestrodoenas · Founder & CEO - Pei
@henkholveck Thank you! Points hitting your account typically depends on the card used. It can be almost instant on some cards and for others, it can take at most 2-4 business days ( which is rarely the case). And yes! You can cashout to your BTC wallet directly when you choose Bitcoin.
Henk Holveck
Henk HolveckHunter@henkholveck · Supreme leader of Haus of Holveck
Discovered Pei while looking for more opportunities to passively earn Bitcoin. Seems like a great concept and received a nice sign-up bonus of $10.00 in BTC for doing it. If you sign up with my code, cjlkwi you can get a sign up bonus as well.