Messenger & Slack bot for tracking your income and expenses

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Hi all, Very excited to get your feedback on Pegg. At Sage, we have been working with freelancers, small business and start ups for a while. Managing business admin, expenses, income and chasing payments has been their biggest pain point. Pegg is aimed at making financial processes as easy as texting for the masses. Sage is a global accounting software provider serving 6 million businesses, in 23 countries. We hope to make accounting easy by giving every entrepreneur their own financial assistant.
@sharma_kriti Interesting concept! How did you come up with the bot idea?
@nandoodles millions of freelancers and small businesses / startups are currently sending boxes of receipts to their accountants and tax consultants, or using pen / paper or excel spreadsheets to manage their business. So we experimented with a jargon-free bot assistant and got great results. We do hear sometimes that our bot has British Accounting Humour...
@sharma_kriti @nandoodles Indeed, but you should not leave out that you got it from a hackathon..
@joantune @nandoodles hey Joao - which hackathon are you referring to? we launched our first beta tester group in March / April @tomhewitson
@joantune @sharma_kriti @nandoodles Hi @joantune Pegg didn't come from a hackathon. It was originally conceived by @sharma_kriti at Sage and worked on by the Pegg team.
Very good idea, I actually thought seriously about implementing something like this due to my recent flirting with OCRing receipts and inspiration from the HiJiffy team, and personal need. Well done!
@joantune OCR could be an interesting feature to test for future iterations. what sort of accuracy rates did you see?
@sharma_kriti The keyword there is thought.. :) But I'll let you know when and if I have those numbers :)
I don't hate this.