Pegao is my side project where you can create your link blog, save and share curated pages with others. It already works, but it's still in beta.
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Dear Product Hunters! 🙂 I started the project a few months ago when I was looking for a bookmark where to organize all the links that remained open for a long time on my phone, easily save the new links I was finding and that I would need temporarily the next day; and also it had to be able to share some of those links with my wife without them ending up without being read...I know! There were many options but I did not feel that they were made to fulfill this purpose...and that's how I achieved my initial goal so far. Why Pegao? It comes from the spanish word "pegado" and means "to be fashionable" (like the song of the 90s), but it also refers to the crusted rice of the bottom of a cooking pot (delicious if it is not burned), and possibly in each country in Latin America has its own meaning because Pegao is something popular that belongs to people. I translated it into English as "Paste", but if someone has a better idea ... it would be very helpful. The roapmap at a high level includes: - Account page features. - Emoji filter. - Bookmark search. - Private bookmarks or private profiles. - Follow sources and friends. - Share links in social networks, mail. - Page with most popular and most recent links. - Customize interests. - Spanish language support. - Email notifications ...and the list keeps growing.
Cool! I like the name and how it relates to the software. Does it work like a social media platform or more like a forum?
Hi @laura_pompeu I'm glad you like it. I think that Pegao could be used as a social network but also to simply save the links that you find on the internet ... for now you can not comment and I do not know if in the near future because maybe it could generate unnecessary noise ... I appreciate your interest. Thank you.