World's first AI financial advisor

Pefin’s proprietary AI technology factors over 2-5 million data points, including a user’s financial situation, future plans, markets, government rules & regional demographics to craft highly tailored financial plans. The platform also provides Investment Advice & Portfolio Management Services through its SEC-regulated Investment advisor.

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Though Pefin is in beta (Launch Q1 2016), it goes beyond what Betterment, Wealthfront, Personal Capital, etc. are doing in terms of managing your money. They provide a financial plan that is goal focused with easy to understand actions to maximize your money and reach your goals. According to the site, the AI "The nodes of our neural network understand financial rules and relationships. The network starts with your current finances and projects how they change over time with market conditions, inflation, taxes, and government rules, and your plans. Between all these factors, there are hundreds of connections to be made. For any given user, to create a single projection that spans 80 years, the network evaluates anywhere from 2-5mm data points, depending on the complexity of their financial situation."
Very cool. I was just speaking to a CFO who just launched a forecasting software and we were saying how nice it would be to get personal finances out of excel spreadsheets. I am all for anything that helps me make better decisions based on information.
Looks interesting, can you still manage your own investments or do you have to transfer your assets into Pefin? Any invites for PH users?
@ryanshook You can still manage your own investments, and just subscribe to the AI financial planning service. We are launching our investment advisor in Q1 2016, which manages investment portfolios in line with your financial plans and your externally managed investments, if you prefer us to do some or all of it for you.
The product is launched in public beta, with invites rolling out in a week. Priority access code for Product Hunt users is
@ramyajoseph Hi Ramya, Would like to give the product a try if possible and give feedback as I am interested in Financial advice at the moment and can't pay a huge amount for a financial advisor
Hey @ahmed_sharkasy Pefin is now live and you can try us out! We look forward to your thoughts and feedback. Cheers!
Hi Product Hunters! After a long-anticipated wait, we're incredibly pleased and proud to present Pefin- your AI financial advisor! Try us out today at