A marketplace for investing in real estate backed loans

PeerStreet is an award-winning Andreessen-Horowitz-backed platform focused on democratizing access to real estate debt. The company provides investments in high-yield, short term, real estate backed loans. PeerStreet’s unique marketplace allows investors to diversify their capital in an asset class that has been traditionally difficult to access.

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I'm not an investor, but I have been a beta user for months now. Straight up making fierce yields with PeerStreet. It's a great place to put idle cash to work.
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@sacca If it gets the stamp of approval from you, I'll put some money in
Hey Ben, the idea behind PeerStreet is pretty simple: we make investing in real estate backed loans as easy as buying stocks. Investors get similar returns to LendingClub, but with an asset that is backed by real estate, which we (and many other experts) believe means lower risk for investors.
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We're democratizing an incredible asset class that most people have never been able to access until now. And our approach is unique, the goal of which is to scale while maintaining quality.
Loved watching how quickly this product has grown through beta. Quick, thoughtful execution.
Hey Alex can you tell us a bit of background around this product please :) @thinkmorebetter