Realtime P2P collaborative editing tool

PeerPad is a web-based decentralised real-time collaborative editing and publishing tool. It uses Y.js and IPFS under the hood to provide conflict-free shared editing without a third-party.

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1 Review5.0/5

I think it is a really cool app and can already imagine a number of usecases where other alternatives are just not lightweight and flexible enough.


- Simple and light tool for collaboration.

- Benefits of Word online without the clutter


- A desktop app would be appreciated

We at go through the product insight and write a review. Below is a brief of the product: PeerPad is described as a concerted real-time editor that operates on the decentralized web, built on top of IPFS and Y.js. It does not rely on the second or third – party. All the partaking nodes talk directly to each other without a central server. It is open-source and has been shaped by Labs and the IPFS community. It permits you to issue a self–contained snapshot of the document to IPFS. Features 1. Privacy 2. Encryption 3. Real-time 4. Collaboration Functionality A Conflict-free Replicated Data type (CRDT) proffers ‘Strong Eventual Consistency’: “A flavor of eventual consistency that ensures conflicts can be merged automatically to produce a value that is guaranteed to be correct/consistent." Two items can either be equivalent, have pecking order or pair. The concluding one indicates a branch/divergence/ conflict. From the inherent state of the two pairs, we can figure out which is the product of the fusion. Hope the above information is enough to make a decision to use the product or not. Read the full review at