Add trust & reputation to crypto transactions

Create your Peerkey and start trusting who you transact cryptocurrency with. Your Peerkey will display your reputation for others to reference when trust is needed in peer-to-peer crypto transactions.

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Yo Product Hunt! I’m excited to share Peerkey, which is a crypto side project that I’ve been working on with Mubs (2016 Maker Of The Year) and Seth (BotList) who both get credit for the design and build πŸ™Œ After going down the crypto rabbit hole a while back and trying to use crypto as a form of payment in peer-to-peer transactions, I came up with the concept for Peerkey. The easiest way to think about Peerkey is an for crypto transactions. It’s a linkable and sharable profile page with Peerkey verified identity, in addition to displaying trust through P2P ratings and reviews. You can create your Peerkey (with @username) in minutes. You can then add and share your URL on social, direct messages for transactions (SMS, WhatsApp), and also decentralized marketplaces that do not have rating and review systems in place. I’ve already added mine to my CryptoCribs profile πŸ˜„ Also, big shoutout to our first Peerkey users and for helping us test it out during the build (Kevin Rose, Ben Tossell, Adam Link, Ben Collins, and more). We'll all be here to answer questions throughout the day and would love to hear your feedback! Keep in mind this is an MVP build, which is how all of us that are working on Peerkey usually build, launch, and validate quickly πŸ‘ŠπŸš€
@username @yoroomie Hey Mike, great UX! What's the difference between peerkey and bitrated?
@leonn thanks for the checking us out and credit to Seth on the UX! There are certainly some similarities with Peerkey and Bitrated in regards to functionality, potential use, and I'm sure we both share the goal to build a network of trust without gated walls. With that in mind, we're focusing on building a lightweight product that's user friendly and will build out features and functionality based on improving identity, ratings, and reviews to be as valuable as possible for referencing. We've seen so many use cases (in regards to where a Peerkey is used and how) that do not require Peerkey to be on chain and/or smart contracts (yet), so we're not going to tackle multi-sig contracts, dispute mediation, etc. I like to use the analogy that we are the of crypto transactions ;)
@yoroomie the website scrolls way past to the right on mobile. Just noticed it :)
@wunderdhrub thanks for the note on this!
Love the idea of it being crypto agnostic. Since ethereum is stateful maybe you could build it into the EVM using solidity.