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I assume you know that the "5" in your logo is an exact copy of the W3C's HTML5 logo. If you're going to use it, you'll need to provide attribution under — also, while I get that it's a nod to the underlying HTML5 technology, the direct rip-off of the logo definitely turns me off from the whole company.
@inxilpro agreed. very weird
@inxilpro we do attribute the W3C on We used that logo from the very early days of Peer5 and everybody keeps telling us how much they like it.
@inxilpro try out the site and focus on the big picture. I get your concerns but that's secondary to a primarily amazing technology that will empower startups and large companies alike.
Hey all, Hadar here, co-founder and CEO of Peer5. Just saw this post, sorry to be late. Ask me anything!
There is already something free, WebTorrent you just need a server to store your videos, and some developement skills. Anyway Starter plan for $100/month you will not have technical support? What?
This seems like a brilliant concept! Awesome!
This is brilliant, will read more about this.