Feedback and performance for today's workforce

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Nikunj Kothari
Nikunj KothariHunter@nikunj · Senior PM, Opendoor
Launched by the COO of Salesforce. From the BI article: "The way it works is pretty straightforward. The app links to the user’s calendar and starts prompting them for individual feedback. You get to choose if a recent “interaction,” like a meeting or phone call, select if it was good or bad, and then leave private comments that show up in individual timelines. This gives a full database of feedback that’s tied to your calendar events, giving more context around the set of interactions."
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell ·
I just have complete reservation around products that make me "request demo" to access it... I'm more of a go-in, play-around, mess-it-up, learn and then figure it out... having an option for a demo is great but I don't like it as the main access barrier when you initially find a product. Just my opinion :)
Michael Lee
Michael Lee@mikehlee_
Glad to see Peer out, I know a few of the people that worked on this, super talented + smart team, excited to see Peer's progression
Kartik Mandaville
Kartik Mandaville@kar2905 · Founder - SpringRole
Very interesting - so is the model to get companies to pay as it helps them retain talent?