Peeqo 2.0

A hackable robot that responds only in GIFs & videos

Peeqo is a personal desktop robot that responds only through videos & GIFs. He comes as an affordable, programmable, easy to build kit you can assemble yourself & can be used for a variety of tasks.

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Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to Peeqo, a unique robot that responds only through videos and gifs. This project has been a journey, it first took roots about 4 years ago back when I didn't know how anything about software or hardware. An earlier build that made it to the top of reddit got hunted here a couple years ago. Peeqo is designed for people like us who spend long hours in front of the computer and sometimes need some help to get through the day. I use mine to stay off reddit/PH when I should be working, remind me to drink water, rest my eyes and other things to help me stay productive. You can also use him for a variety of other tasks - weather, timers, reminders, smart device control and things we expect from regular voice assistants. His unique visual response system means you don't get the same boring responses to common questions always keeping it fresh & fun. Videos are sourced from Vlipsy & gifs from Giphy. He comes as an affordable, easy to build kit. He's built on a raspberry pi and meant to be tweaked and hacked. The code is open source so you can easily add your own skills. Excited to share him with all of you and to hear your thoughts!
This is so sweet. Reminds me of Weebo on Flubber, video responses are an awesome idea.
@cdypmpr Glad you like it!
Oh is it you from Reddit like 2 years ago ? I remember that we all told you to launch this as a real product :)
@jarnix Yes it is me!
@shekitup This is actually a very nice product. I really want to have a table robot as a "pet" that can be connected to Internet and give me response to some queries. I mean, not only a smart speaker with voice recognition (as Alexa does) but also something with face and eyes, and most important: a screen to display results. Can't wait to develop some software for this little machine and explore its possibilities. Will be the entire source released as open-source or only in a partial way? Also, how will you handle with production and distribution of the hardware? Will you mount/send by yourself? +1 for video responses, such a great a idea.
@davidmaillo Thanks! Yes the software will be open source and I can't wait to see what all you'll build. The plan is to send out kits that you can assemble yourself. No tools needed, just the included phillips screwdriver and I'll provide video tutorials that guide you through.
@shekitup - will you eventually be able to control spotify and/or speakers, such as chromecast audio with Peeqo?
@adamdexter Yes ofcourse! You can already link to spotify. I did a demo of that today in a kickstarter livestream - you can have a look by skipping to the 3:30 mark