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Hi, maker here ^_^. Alex and I are really excited about the new Peeps, and would love to answer any questions. The new version has a revamped look and feel, has been specially engineered for iOS 8 and the bigger iPhones, and is now blazing fast. Download and give it a try (you can send to anyone in your phonebook). Thanks!
Hey, @tomcavill! What's the biggest surprise or lesson learned since launching v1 of Peeps?
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, great question. I think we spent a long time in the aftermath of 1.0 postulating on what features we should add in, then getting half way toward building them before re-thinking their necessity. So we took a step back and focused time talking to our users. We learned that they broadly loved the simplicity of the product, and all they really wanted was for it to be faster. So we rewrote some core parts off the app to ensure Peeps does things like starts the camera up super quick. Further to that, we also discovered that a lot of people didn't know about really key features like being able to send to any of their contacts. So we've put a lot of effort into onboarding new users in order to educate them about how to get the most from Peeps.
Hey Tom - just curious if you've been able to measure a viral coefficient yet (ex. 1 new user = 3 new users in 30 days). Since you can send a Peep to anyone on your contact list, it seems like it would spread fast.
@adesome Hey Max, in early versions of Peeps 1.x we were frankly totally underprepared for tracking these metrics, so we've gone out of our way to ensure the latter versions, and now 2.0, have proper analytics built in. It's too early to draw solid conclusions, but our new onboarding looks to be having a significant impact on the viral coefficient as you mentioned. This is certainly one of our most important KPIs.
@tomcavill Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
That bathtub scene at the end of the video though
@tomcavill Have there been any comments on having a public link sent to a friend (When you send it to a contact)? i.e. since anyone who has that public link could see the message you send out, it may not feel as private?
@drjid Thanks for the question, it's a good one. I haven't. I think the positive of being able to receive messages even without having the app installed (far) outweighs the initial message being public (albeit very obscure), and it seems our users agree.
@tomcavill Ah true. I guess as a recipient, I could also forward the link to anyone. But then again, even with regular messages, recipients can do whatever they want so I don't quite know how you would prevent that from happening or if it's worth it. Great update! I used the previous version back last year. Love your UI improvements!